Kausay Wasi Clinic

We recently got in touch with a fantastic clinic in Coya, Peru, called Kausay Wasi ( They have U.S. Medical teams of various specialties come for a few weeks at a time, and operate on a sliding scale pay system. As part of the disability campaign, we work with a few children with cerebral palsy, and when we saw that Kausay Wasi had an orthopedic surgeon and a group of physical therapists coming we decided to plan a trip with the kids for consultations and possible treatment. Because of the popularity of the clinic, we were advised to get there as early as possible to get in line, so at 3am we met our rented combi (van) driver in the Plaza de Armas in Ollantaytambo and headed to Pihri to pick up Alex and his mother. After a couple more stops for Jose and Sauri, we started the two hour trip to Coya. As it turned out, we were plenty ambitious with our timing, and were the first in line. The clinic was soon bustling with activity, with doctors and therapists running between the main clinic and the prosthetic center two blocks away. All three of the kids got seen by the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapists who showed us individualized physical therapy regimens we could do with the kids. For Sauri, who can stand and has good motor control but has trouble balancing and couldn’t walk on her own, the staff designed and built a walker out of PVC pipe, tape and rubber. All in all, the trip was a success, and what we learned has contributed a lot to our continuing visits with the kids! -Amos and Bricia